Monday, July 11, 2011

Dining the Night of the Haboob

“Vegetarian: an old Indian word for bad hunter.”
Author unknown

Preface - I committed a cardinal sin when writing a review! I forgot to take pictures :( Next time friends! Oh and you better believe that there will be a next time!!

They were onto something when they named this place Dick's Hideaway. My friend and I felt like we were on a treasure hunt to find this hidden gem. We passed it probably 3 times as it is disguised with a sign that says "Additional Parking in Rear". No sign with their name but they are right next door to Luci's Grocery Store on the Northwest corner of 16th Street and Bethany Home.

Once we finally found the speak-easy like restaurant we were surprised at how small it was. There was a bar section that could seat a max of 10 people and then 3 booths against the wall. There was a room next door with an extensive wine cellar and tables big enough for 6-8 people. The room was dimly lit to give it an intimate feel but not too gag-me-with-a-spoon romantic as there were several flat screen TVs with the DBack's game on. They have a wood burning stove that gives the restaurant a campfire smell...making it seem that you're in the middle of nowhere in the wild west at a divey saloon (but much more classy).

On to the good stuff...I had researched the menu prior to getting there to give myself an idea of what they had. I was excited to see that they had breakfast and then sorely disappointed when I found out it's only served until 4 PM. Yelp considers this place Tex-Mex but I would have to disagree and say that it's definitely got a taste of the 505 (New Mexico speak for those of you that aren't in the know).

As I mentioned in my previous review, whenever I go to Mexican style restaurants, I will judge them by their enchiladas. I decided to be on the wild side tonight and try something different. I went with the Carne Adovada since the server advised it was spicy and I like it hot and a glass of the Malbec. My friend opted to get the red, white, and blue enchiladas.

While I normally love Malbecs, this one was more on the "eh" scale as it was too earthy and overly ambitious with the tannins. So if you like a strong red wine, this one is for you!

We got our food and they were not joking when they said the plate was hot. You can get third degree burns from those steel embossed cowboy-like plates. Also, if you are watching your calories or trying to control your portions...this is definitely not the place as the servings could feed two people.

The Carne Adovada was delicious...the meat was tender, juicy, with a red chile kick and topped with a layer of melted gooey cheddar cheese. The rice and beans were tasty and the homemade tortilla made the meal complete. My friend let me try her enchiladas and let me tell you - they do not disappoint! Next time I will definitely be getting those!

We were in a food coma getting ready to go home and put on the stretchy pants when we were informed that there was a massive dust storm taking over metro Phoenix. I felt like I was back in CO experiencing a blizzard of sand. So we decided to stick around for a bit longer. Good thing we did because we wouldn't have been able to try, by far, the greatest flan I've ever tried. Dare I say better than my mom's flan? Gasp...I would dare say so! The flan was delicately creamy with just the perfect amount of sweetness in every bite. I've never had a flan that was a mousse-like texture and not custardly. Hope you like flan cuz that's the only dessert they have there!

Overall, I give Dick's Hideaway a 4 because I can't give them a 4.5. The service was great and our server was friendly. The food, ambiance, and good company made the night. I will most definitely be returning to the hideaway known as Dick's.

Dick’s Stats (taken from Yelp):
6008 N 16th St
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 241-1881

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am - 1 am
Good for Kids: No
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Private Lot
Attire: Casual
Good for Groups: No
Price Range: $$    
Takes Reservations: No
Delivery: No
Take-out: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Wi-Fi: No
Good For: Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
Alcohol: Full Bar
Noise Level: Average
Ambiance: Casual, Intimate
Has TV: Yes
Caters: No
Wheelchair Accessible: No