Friday, February 1, 2013

The Hungry Latina Moves to CA!

Well it finally happened! I moved to one of the biggest culinary hubs in the U.S. - the San Francisco bay area. Hello food tours and a vast variety of food options. I'm in foodie heaven! I will admit though, the move here was anything but smooth...

So I procrastinated packing my entire 2 bedroom condo to the weekend before the move and even then I failed to get more than 50% packed. Let's just say the beau wasn't too happy when he walked in my condo. What can I say, I hate packing and he was in San Jose oblivious of the task at hand. So my procrastination got the best of me and the day before the big move, I spent packing and moving things into the moving truck. Luckily I was able to sell a few items before the move, otherwise the 16 foot truck we rented wouldn't have been big enough. Who knew that one female could have so much crap in a 2 bedroom condo! Apparently I can :S.

Thank goodness for great friends to pawn off my extras (i.e. my food stockpile) and to help pack up the truck. My boyfriend flew in from San Jose on 1/23 and moving day was 1/24. We packed up the truck and cleaned the condo all in a day and set out to San Jose. Well...that was the plan anyway. It definitely didn't go down that way. Let's just say that there were lots of bumps along the way.

The first bump was the lack of packing that I had accomplished the month of January and I came down with bronchitis 2 weeks before the big day. The second bump was packing my condo while at the same time packing the moving truck. Once the BF and I got over those hiccups, we had bigger issues at hand - towing Francine (my little Ford Focus) behind the moving truck. Neither of us had ever towed anything before so this was a new adventure. 

Third bump was spending 8AM - 8PM packing/cleaning and then going to the rental truck place to pick up the tow for the moving truck. We spent another 2 hours waiting for the truck company to fix the running lights on the truck. Once completed, we were FINALLY on our way! So the plan was for me to drive the first 7 hours and then the BF to finish off the last 7 hours of the journey. If only this was how it went down.

Have you ever towed a car behind a 16 foot moving truck? If you haven't, you aren't missing out. It was the most miserable 20 hours we ever spent in a truck. Despite the drama that happened along the way, we were still speaking to each other once we arrived to San Jose. This was even after hitting almost every type of weather system (rain, fog, wind, and sunshine), having to drive 55 mph the entire way, and several screaming matches due to getting stuck in a corner and having to back the moving truck + tow. Needless to say, our patience was tested before we even made it to SJC. 24 hours later, we made it one piece and still on speaking terms.

The fun didn't stop there as we were desperate to get rid of the damn tow. The drop off was a nightmare and we ended up having to go across town to get help getting the tow off. Unfortunately, we didn't get the help we needed and ended up wasting an hour waiting for the moving truck equivalent of AAA. My BF was so fed up that he ended up taking the chains and tire harnesses off himself to get poor Francine off the tow. Getting rid of the tow alleviated 90% of the stress we were facing.

Despite the crappy circumstances the move presented, I had a great time because I was with my Panda and we faced the issues head on with great communication and managed to laugh about the crap situation moments later. All I have to say, is that I'm glad the move across states is finally over and that I get to see my BF whenever I want :)!