Friday, April 12, 2013

Confessions of a Hungry Latina

This week was my birthday and usually I do a birthday trip somewhere as I don't believe in staying home and/or working on my birthday if it lands during the week. Sadly, this year I did not take a trip and I worked on my birthday (I will note, I did have the option to take it off). To top it all off, my car died and cost an arm and a leg to fix. Despite the circumstances, my birthday wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be. In fact, it was a good one :) 

This year I decided to give myself the gift of health. I take that back. Panda gave me the gift of health by purchasing a gym membership at the YMCA so we could work out together and get our fitness on. I will admit, this past year was not good to me health wise and I packed on a lot of weight. In light of Panda getting diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it was equally important for him as it was for me to become active and start living a healthier lifestyle.

I'm not proud of what I'm about to admit, but it's necessary and hopefully it can bring you some inspiration and motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle. My name is Thimetis and I weigh 165 pounds (down 3 pounds!) and have a BMI of 30. For those of you who don't know what a BMI is, it's a body mass index. It takes your weight divided by your height to give your body mass index and in my case, it was a very depressing number. Anything over 25 is considered obese. It was definitely a reality slap in the face to see that information and finally come to terms with it.

It's official, the Hungry Latina is obese. So instead of being the center of attention in my own pity party, I decided to do something about it. April 1st was the official start day of my healthy lifestyle change. I got my YMCA membership and downloaded the Livestrong iPhone app and started tracking every morsel and drop of liquid that comes into contact with my mouth. I'm a lot more conscious of what I'm about to eat when I'm being accountable to myself and tracking the calories. The great thing about the Livestrong app, is that it's free and there's already an established data base of food in there with the nutrition stats available. So far, I'm 12 days in and haven't missed a beat. In addition to the food portion of the app, you can track your weight, your exercise, water intake for the day, among other things.

I won't lie, doing cardio isn't my favorite thing to do in the world. I'd rather lift weights than spend an hour on the elliptical. Because of my love/hate relationship with cardio machines, I've been looking for other ways to get cardio in without getting burned by the elliptical. I've heard a lot about HIIT workouts from the Livestrong app and I finally did a search on youtube to see what the hype was all about. The videos were created by Fitness Blender and have been created for all levels of fitness. I happened to stumble upon the HIIT workout for fat loss that was 21 minutes. This definitely piqued my interest as these workouts have been known to burn 1000 calories in one setting! 

Looks are deceiving my friends. This "20 minute" workout nearly killed me. It looks easy, but nooooooooo! Within minutes I was pouring sweat down my face and I was panting like I was on the verge of an asthma attack. While the sets are only for 20 seconds intervals, it feels like the longest 20 seconds of your life. I was definitely muttering four letter choice words the entire work out in between my gasps for air. After what seemed like the longest 20 minutes in the history of all time, I managed to get through the workout and I feel great. I don't feel like I'm going to pass out, nor do I feel fatigued like I normally do after an hour's worth on the elliptical. I would definitely recommend this for those of you looking to spice up your cardio workout. I would also recommend starting with the beginner video that they have. I bit off WAAAAAAAAAAY more than I could chew with this workout. 

So the moral of this post is to help motivate/inspire those of you who are thinking about getting back on the fitness wagon or those of you who are actively working out who may struggle keeping the faith. Whatever your situation may be, getting off the couch and working up a sweat will do the body good. Hopefully I can be an example that it's possible to take baby steps to getting to a better state of health.