Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fitness Update: Week 3

Posting a little late as this is my fitness update for last week. I procrastinated and...well...here we are. Last week was a tough week. I didn't lose any weight nor did I shrink in my measurements. I also had 2 days that ended up in eating over my calorie goal for the day or I ate back all of my workout calories (Sunday). I also only worked out 4 out of 6 days this week due to [insert lame excuse here]. Although on Saturday I had a "legitimate" reason for not working out...I did manual labor at Panda's family winery, Three Arches Winery. I literally worked for wine on Saturday and it was loads of fun (that will be another post). Manual labor has to count for something, right?! The best part about the manual labor at the winery? The next day I wasn't sore like Panda was! Hooray for all of those tough workouts making me a tough cookie! :)

On a brighter note, I didn't gain any weight nor did I gain inches so that means something is going on with my body (hopefully it's muscle eating up my fat). My fitness has also gotten significantly better since I began my journey back in April. Case in point would be the 100 rep workout I did on Friday. I literally did 1000 reps after I was finished with the workout and I lived to tell about it. There are things that I did, that I didn't even know I had the strength, let alone the will power to do (insert pushups). I was so proud of myself for accomplishing that workout as my body is getting stronger each day. So while I didn't accomplish my goals for the week, I was able to prove that I've gotten more fit and stronger just by finishing the workout (and being able to live to write about it!).

Lesson learned this week - Success won't always come in the form of a pound or an inch lost, but can come as successfully getting through a grueling workout and feeling better about yourself in order to dust yourself off and move on. Moving on to this week's goals:
  1. Workout 6 Days.
  2. Buy a skin caliper to measure body fat to get a more accurate view of what's going on with my weight loss.
  3. Cook a healthy lunch on Sunday for the following week's lunches.