Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 2 Fitness Update

I'm proud to announce another successful week on my fitness journey! Now don't think that because it was successful, it was easy. I definitely had my struggles with food as usual which is no surprise, but I was able to talk myself out of eating out of bad food. I realized that my progress was more important to me than a few minutes of pleasure from eating [insert name of bad food here]. It took a lot of will power, but it was worth it when I weighed and measured myself this week.

Here's my stats for the week:
  • Weight
    • 5/25 - 164 pounds
    • 6/1 - 163 pounds
  • Measurements from 5/25 --> to 6/2
    • Bicep 13" --> 12 1/2"
    • Forearm 10" --> 9 1/2"
    • Bust 38 1/2" --> 38 1/2"
    • Under bust 35" --> 34 1/2"
    • Waist 34" --> 34"
    • Hips 43 1/2" --> 42"
    • Thigh 23" --> 22 1/2" 
    • Calf 15 1/2 --> 15" 
Overall, I lost 1/2 an inch and an inch and a half from my hips! Woo hoo! That's what I call progress :) While this may not seem like a lot, a pound is 3500 calories. In order to loss a pound, you have to create a deficit of 3500 calories or more. So this week by working out 6 days in a row and eating 1600 calories a day, and creating a 3500 calorie deficit I was able to shed another pound and get that much closer to my goal. I also worked out 6 days in a row, making it the second week in a row.

So what keeps me motivated? I read a lot of health related articles and use Pinterest to find inspirational photos and quotes. Here's a list of my motivators:
My favorite motivational picture of the week is the one pictured below. It just goes to show that weight is just a number and it doesn't define who you are as a person. The beginning of my weight loss journey was frustrating every time I got on the scale and saw the numbers go up and down. It's for this reason that I decided to start measuring in addition to weighing myself on a weekly basis.


Girls, girls, girls. I know we all have our own stories and we’re all here for different reasons. But I see A LOT of girls desperately trying to see lower numbers on their scales. It looks to me like the main reason they’re doing it (working out/eating healthy) is to see a low number on scales. The only thing thing keeping them going is the hope that one morning they’ll stand on the scale and their “ultimate goal weight” will be staring them in the face.
I believe, and yes this is my personal opinion, that what should be staring you in the face, is yourself in the mirror. Why not forget about the numbers for a while? Check your progress in the mirror, how your clothes fit, compare old photos with new photos, happiness, how well you sleep at night, how much energy you have, how strong you are mentally and physically, there are probably a million other reasons but these are the ones just came to mind now.
Different weights look different on every single body. Just because your favourite celeb has a bangin’ bod at a weight, doesn’t mean it’s going to look fantastic on you too.
I hope my progress will inspire some of you and make you realise that you don’t need to see incredibly low numbers. I rarely weigh myself. I only weigh myself when I see a big difference in my body in muscle definition. It turns out the better I look, the more weight I’ve gained.
Don’t let numbers define you. Please. I am genuinely concerned for some people that I see on here. 
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Next week's goal:
  • Work out 6 days
  • Eat 1600 calories
  • Create a 3500 calorie deficit 
  • Try a new Skinny Food Porn recipe