Friday, April 21, 2017

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Fired Pie

Oh my goodness it's Friday again?! Woot, woot! Boy do I sure love Fridays, especially when it's pay day! Sadly, this Friday wasn't pay day for me but I'm still happy it's Friday. My day job is kind of crazy so it's nice to have a couple of days to refresh and recuperate. It's also a time to try out a new restaurant and report back. This week's gluten free restaurant review is on Fired Pie. They are like the Chipotle of pizza. They have pizza creations already available or you can be adventurous and create your own. They also have salads, desserts and booze! Did I get too excited about the booze part? Probably...but who doesn't enjoy wine or beer with their pizza? <waves> 👋

Why Fired Pie? Welllllllllll...I drive by this place twice a day on my way to work and sometimes I pass by the one near my office. It wasn't until one day I had a mad craving for some pizza that I realized that they have a gluten free pizza option. I pulled the fastest U-Turn known to man when I discovered that information... The Yelp description reminded me of Blaze Pizza which has a similar concept. I had Blaze pizza all the time while I was in California and recently discovered that they are in Tempe near my hair dresser... 😀 So you may see that as a review in the near future.

Since I had been to Blaze Pizza before, I kind of knew what to expect at Fired Pie. As you walk in, you are greeted by the dining room and then there are massive signs with pizza and salad options. There quite a few varieties of pizza options and then if you are feeling fancy, you can build your own pizza. The same goes for the salads. Today I was definitely here for pizza and I wasn't in the mood to create my own so I decided to go with the Pesto Chicken with the gluten free herb crust.
I walk up to the counter and there's a guy in the corner prepping dough to be baked on pizza sheets. The kind of dough I dream about eating. I let the gal at the counter know that I wanted the Pesto Chicken pizza on the gluten free herb crust. She immediately asked if it was an allergy or preference. I let her know it was an allergy. She proceeded with follow up question and warning... "Would you like me to change my gloves?" and also let me know that there is a potential of cross contamination due to sharing a space with gluten products. I let her know that I understood the potential of cross contamination. I also asked her to please change out her gloves. She proceeded to change her gloves and then pulled my crust out of a special fridge below the ingredients. As my pizza got passed down the line of ingredients, each employee changed their gloves to accommodate my allergy needs.

While Fired Pie may not be safe for everyone with food allergies due to the possible cross contamination (i.e. Celiacs), it made feel better that they automatically knew to ask about changing gloves and didn't complain or make faces about it. They just did it, no questions asked and it made me feel safe about the decision of going there and coming back in the future.

So how was the pizza? It was amazing! So good for a $12 pie that had 6 slices and took 10 minutes to bake. They had fresh ingredients and flavors all went well with each other. The herb crust added an extra dimension of flavor that I really enjoyed. It was enough for 2 meals since I'm a pig and ate 3 slices that day and then had the rest the next day. 🐖
I love that they have locations all over the valley and have such a great variety of pizza toppings and salads for those days when I'm craving a salad. Not sure what kind of dessert options they have for us gluten free peeps as I didn't ask. They also have gluten free beer and wine if you need a drinky drank with your pie.

Let me know what you think of Fired Pie when you visit! You can't go wrong with $12 gluten free pizza where take out can be less than 15 minutes. Where should I go next?!

Please note - this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated from the establishment to provide this review.