Another Cooking Adventure…

I don’t know about you, but today was a crazy busy day! Now that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and presents have been shipped (be jealous procrastinators!), there was the baking that was left to do. The menu for today – cookies, fudge, and pumpkin pie. I will forewarn you, I was so caught up in the baking and then having to run to the store for miscellaneous items that I didn’t take pictures of the baking process 🙁 I do have links for the yummy recipes that I tried. I’m creative, but not creative enough to come up with my own recipes. Maybe in due time I will get there, but for now I rely on others to give me the inspiration.

First on the list were the cookies and I will admit, I cheated BIG time. They were actually pre-made and all I had to do was stick them in the oven. The child of a co-worker was doing a fund raiser a few months back that involved cookie dough…and well…I had to buy some. So today I made 2 dozen white chocolate cranberry cookies. They are delicious and I’m so glad that I helped out a co-worker’s child and gave my taste buds a treat!

Second on the list was the fudge. This was the first time making fudge so I made a little batch to test the waters. Fudge is like homemade candy and can be royally screwed up quickly. I didn’t do so bad but I did tweak it the second time around. The fudge is Carnation’s Famous Fudge which was extremely easy to make and I had all of the ingredients from previous couponing stockpiling trips. While I was making the fudge, my house smelled delectable. If I could bottle that scent and sell it, I could make a killing. But I digress…the fudge turned out okay. I say okay because I didn’t follow the steps 100% like I should have. That’s what I get for not being precise with my timing. Luckily, I learned from my mistake and the second time around it turned out perfect. I even dusted it candy cane dust that I almost killed myself doing. Instead of taking the easy route and throwing the candy canes in the food processor, I thought it would be fun to mash them up myself. Note to self – VERY BAD idea. I think I still have pieces of candy cane stuck in my eyes, hair, and clothes. Needless to say, the food processor will be utilized next time I make the candy cane fudge.

So in between the cookies and fudge I got hungry and looked on Pinterest for a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie. I found one that included Guinness so I decided to try a dish that included my favorite beer. I came across another hungry person’s blog – The Hungry Housewife. The recipe sounded amazing so I decided to try it out. I took a break from the baking and headed to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the Guinness Shepherd’s Pie. I love when a recipe calls for alcohol that I like to drink. Cooking and drinking sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I find that my best cooking is done by doing just that. 

Let me tell you, that recipe did not disappoint! It was delicious and it reminded me of the Shepherd’s Pie that I had earlier in the week when I went to San Francisco. It’s definitely going to go in the Hungry Latina’s book of recipes. Of course I tweaked the recipe just a bit because that’s how I roll. I used instant potatoes instead of regular potatoes due to being lazy and wanting to save time. I also added Worcestershire sauce to give it the missing kick it needed. Other than that, I stuck to the recipe and it was a great success! Thank you Mrs. Hungry Housewife for your lovely recipe!

To end the night, I made 2 pumpkin pies for a couple of guys I work with. Their birthdays are right around the corner and they love to eat. So, I figured a pie in their honor wouldn’t be such a bad present since the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Personally, I think it goes both ways but that’s just me. The pumpkin pie recipe is one that my mom and I have perfected over the years and now it’s a staple for the holidays. Anywhere I go for the holidays, this pumpkin pie is made. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty awesome. I will make sure to put the recipe on here eventually, but I’m exhausted and it’s way past my bed time. 

Hope you enjoyed the recipes I shared with you today because I sure liked them! If you there’s a recipe you want me to try and write about, let me know! After all, trying new things is all part of the adventure!

Buen Provecho!

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